Rotten Tomatoes just had a chance to sit down with Ron Perlman presumably to talk to him about his role in Mutant Chronicles, coming to theaters this Friday. The conversation quickly took a U-Turn and they ended up with him talking about working with his idol, Marlon Brando, on the set of Island of Dr. Moreau. I often forget that Brando and Perlman ever shared a screen, but they did! And apparently Perlman was completely intimidated and scared of him while on set.

Check out what Perlman had to say about working on set with the late, Marlon Brando…

“He had two rules: You could talk to him about anything under the sun, except movies, and except the movie you were working with him on. Movies meaning acting; he refused to talk about acting to anyone. And if you happened to not know those rules going in, you know… that was going to be pretty much the last conversation you had with him.”

“The only time I had a really, really good day with Brando on the set, I happened to be pretty funny one day and I got him going. From that point on, there was a kind of new gleam in his eye. But the first three or four days I was on set with him, I was so intimidated and so nervous that I was a complete asshole. And he never got to see the more relaxed, easy-going version of me, which I really regret.”

Personally, I think that’s awesome. With movie stars today, we hear so much about them that nothing is a mystery. Although we know a lot about Brando’s life, no one (in the general public) really knew him that well, so I always love hearing little stories like these.

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