Hey, ScreenCravers! Hope you all had a great weekend. We asked you for your favorite Miller-written villain, you gave us your answers. Did you get lucky?

Find out if you are one of the 3 winners to get Sin City on BLU-RAY


  • seejayess: If Marv is considered a villain, then sign me up for him!
  • Clark H: Miller’s portrayal of Xerxes in the graphic novel 300 as a vain, effeminate, self proclaimed “god-king” was the perfect villain and contrast to King Leonidas.
  • Johnny Rockets: I’m with the first comment, I choose Marv as Miller’s most badass “villain”! :) Bring on some Sin City!

We have sent the above people confirmation e-mails, so make sure you get back to us with a shipping address ASAP so we can get these DVDs out to you!

Thanks to everyone who participated! Remember, Sin City is out on April 21st, so if you didn’t get lucky, go pick up a copy tomorrow and enjoy!

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