Sadly, the ShoWest footage that Michael Bay put online has now been pulled. Apparently, according to IESB who somehow got a chance to speak with Bay, it was never meant to stay online…

The Showest footage was pulled down because it was just a 12-hour thing.

I just wanted the fans to get a taste of what we have been making for a year and a half because we have been so quiet. The piece was cut about a month ago for this Showest thing I accepted this past month – so as you can see many of the shots were far from being finished renders. This dinky little site received over 1,500,000 hits and 550,000 downloads in this short time. Anyway the trailer is being printed today and coming out on Wolverine and Star Trek. 64 days left!


Bay seems to be in a talkative mood as we also just got word about his new “indie” film, which he plans to shot between Transformers 2 and 3.

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When you first here Bay say:

It’s good… It’s like a ‘Pulp Fiction’ type of movie… [It's based on] a true story, and it’s very funny… It’s a dark comedy.

It’s hard to take him seriously. Although /Film‘s was sent a tip over the weekend, which said that his upcoming, “small” film was actually a film based off a Miami New Times called Pain & Gain (read article) about a few steroid driven body-builders, who in a twisted story, end up participating in kidnapping that all goes terribly wrong.

I guess that’s where the “dark” side comes into play, I’m not sure where the “comedy” is yet. As one could imagine, Bay was not the first person to have the idea of turning this real life story into a movie. Paramount has already hired screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely (The Chronicles of Narnia films and The First Avenger: Captain America) to write a screenplay on the story.

It sounds like Bay is planning on taking the story in another direction with the film in order to get that “comedy” factor out of it. At this moment in time, I’m having trouble seeing how the story could be “very funny” but for the first time in a LONG time, Bay has managed to intrigue me. Point to you Bay.

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