Sad news to report, due to the economy and lack of interest 20th Century Fox has decided to shut down their Fox Atomic division. The banner was the producer of several classic (sarcasm) teen comedies and youth centered films. According to First Showing, the plug has been officially pulled and they are no more.  Some previous Fox Atomic releases include Turistas, The Comebacks, and 12 Rounds. One of the better and probably only decent movie to come from the division was the horror sequel, 28 Weeks Later.

Find out what happens to the rest of Fox Atomic’s films after the jump.

Now that the banner is going bye bye the question is what will happen to it’s finished properties yet to be released? Well, the two upcoming features Jennifer’s Body and I Love You, Beth Cooper (above) will be released by Fox proper, while Post Grad will be distributed by Fox Searchlight. There’s no word on what will happen to the projects that were in early development, but there was news on the 28 Months Later sequel. It seems that the film is still in development under Debbie Liebling and will “presumably” be distributed by Fox proper.

I hate the fact that people are losing their jobs with the closing of this company. The economy sucks, and their films suck worse. I really never understood the point of setting up a division just to make sub-par movies. Granted there is a lucrative direct to DVD market for it, but a whole company? Let this be a warning to others, just don’t do it.

Do you think Fox made the right decision by closing down their Atomic label?