boxofficeweekendss09-4-17Alright, so we know what movies are being released this weekend: State of Play, Crank: High Voltage, 17 Again, Is Anybody There?, Every Little Step, and Sleep Dealer. The last three are limited releases and therefore will not make as much money as the others. And these films are still battling against previous releases, such as, Fast and Furious and Monsters vs. Aliens (which has grossed $251.8 million so far).

It was just reported by Variety that:

Warner Bros.’ Zac Efron pic “17 Again” is expected to come in leaps and bounds ahead of other titles thanks to girls of all ages. Last weekend, this same demo turned out by the millions for “Hannah Montana: The Movie,” which opened to a sizable $32.3 million.

The predictions for this weekend is rather upsetting, and I’ll tell you why…

State of Play, is probably the only REAL film with a budget that is being released this weekend. And although studios expected to make some pretty decent amount of green with it’s A-list cast and big budget, is most likely not going to make it very far, due to it’s overtly political nature. Apparently, no one wants to watch anything political anymore and that’s what they “think” this movie is about. I can’t believe that we’re now at the point with Efron is a bigger draw than Crowe. That’s sad!

Crank: High Voltage, with it’s extremely escapist qualities and appeal to men of all ages, still loses out to the tween girls. How can that be? I still may do well in terms of it’s predeccso Crank (which opened to $10.5 million, but the movie expected to blow all the others out of the water is none other than…

17 Again. I may lose all my faith in what’s left of humanity if this happens. Granted, people like the idea of being able to travel back in time to resolve past mistakes, but isn’t this just a rehashing of 13 Going On 30? And still the demographic is teenage girls. It’s practically the same movie. But, of course, the almighty powers of Disney cannot be challenged. It’s strangle-hold on the worlds teenagers is unbeatable, especially with that Zach Efron character.

It is expected that the same fan base that made Hannah Montana: The Movie will join forces to make Zach Efron even more money.

Sadly, this weekend may just prove to us how that 12 year-old girls are really the ones running the theaters. Let us pray that enough horn, action craved men or some Crowe fans come out of the woodwork, and help us to restore a little faith in our movie-going population.


What are you spending your dollars on?