michael-bayss09-4-17Michael Bay, director of explosions, has recently stated in an interview with MTV that before getting started on a Transformers 3, he would like to make a more personal film. A film he has described as small and being Pulp Fiction-like. I have my doubts that Michael Bay is capable of a small movie. Still he insists that he needs to create something outside of his usual blockbuster.

Known for his huge budget and action-packed film (i.e. Transformers, Pearl Harbor, Armageddon, etc.), it’s hard to believe that he had any interests in other types of movies. For now, he is keeping the details of the plot under wraps, hoping to cause interest I presume. He does have plans to start production on it next year, however. This is the most he would give up about the story:

[It’s based on] a true story, and it’s very funny…It’s a dark comedy.

I have a feeling his definition of “a small movie,” means that there will be no hundred foot robots that turn into cars and the flames of explosions will be kept to a 40-foot tall minimum.

This guy gets the idea.

Source: MTV Movies Blog

Do you think Bay has what it takes to make a small film?