Wow. Where have we been? Director John Woo left Hollywood blockbusters and is not making huge big budget films in China. Apparently, he’s already finished his new epic Red Cliff and is starting to talk about his next film. Apparently the Chinese have the one thing that US projects don’t, speed. John Woo was able to take a short break to talk to Empire about what’s next on the slate for him.

Check out what he has to say below…

He talks about his return to Chinese cinema, from Hollywood movies. He would love to return, that is if the scripts are up to his standards: “I will make more Chinese movies, but if I get a better script (from Hollywood) I will do it again.” Slam! He’s got a good point.

What happened you the two-part series 1949, set during China’s civil war? “I had to pass because we had so many problems with the people who owns the rights… We couldn’t make a deal so I had to give it up. It’s a little painful since we spent so long developing the story and we found very good actors.” Apparently it takes more then just talent to get a film moving.

So what can we expect from his next film? “It’s like a Romeo and Juliet love story,” he says. “A love story, but with war scenes.” Sounds like a plan! Ancient Romeo and Juliet with a big budget. Sounds like fun! The bad news is, it might be a while until we see the film. “I’m involved as producer. We’re working on the script and I’m sure it’s gonna be a very interesting movie, but it won’t be ready until years from now.”

We don’t know much more about the project yet, other than  it will be set 2000 years ago and will be as epic as Red Cliff.

So everyone keep their fingers crossed. Apparently Chun Yun-Fat’s involvement is still undecided, so we’ll have to see what develops with time!

Do you wish that Woo would come back to the states or do you think he’s better off in China?