If your suffering from Wolverine overload there’s a method to the madness. As the first official installment of the X-Men Origins series the box office success of this film is crucial. After the release of X3: The Last Stand in 2006, two spin-off properties were fast tracked for development, Wolverine and Magneto. At first the two projects were running neck in neck in terms of production, but Wolverine eventually won the race. With it’s release date only a few weeks away talk has surfaced regarding who will be the next character in line to carry on the X-Men title. At first glance you might think it would rebound back to Magneto, but there’s another red shrouded mutant in waiting and his name is Deadpool.

Deadpool aka Wade Wilson is one of the characters who will be featured in X-Men Origins Wolverine as a part of Wolverine’s Weapon X crew. He’s portrayed by Ryan Reynolds who in terms of stature and wit embodies the character to a T. Yet, there are several characteristics of Deadpool that are missing, the most obvious being his suit and his severely scarred skin. His representation in the film has been debated by fans ever since they caught a glimpse of Reynolds in it’s trailer. Instead of being covered from head to toe in a red and black suit, he opts for a pair of khakis and a red cut off tee shirt. You have to ask yourself is there is a point to all this? Yep, there is.

Reynolds and writer David S. Goyer had spoken about the actor starring in a solo project for Deadpool shortly after they wrapped shooting on Blade Trinity back in 2004. Therefore the idea of him pursuing a spin-off isn’t completely out of the blue. According to IGN, Wolverine producers told Deadpool co-creator Robert Liefield that there are “definite plans to spin off Deadpool if the box office works.” Not only that but the much talked about re-shoots they shot a while back were done to give Reynolds more screen time. They said the actor was “chosen specifically with the idea that he would carry [a possible] solo film.”

With that being said, where does that leave Magneto? I thought the whole point of doing an X-Men Origin film was to show the origin of the characters featured in the first trilogy? If they performed re-shoots to specifically set up a Deadpool spin-off will it have the “origin” prefix in the title? Won’t we see his beginnings in Wolverine? I’ve also heard talk of a solo Gambit film as well. Once Deadpool is done will he be the next to follow? That leaves Magneto shelved for at least another few years. I feel as if the studio is forgetting that Magneto has a rich and interesting history that could make for an unforgettable film. Hopefully sooner than later they will realize that and give the character the fair chance he deserves.

Do you think Deadpool should be made directly after Wolverine? How would you feel about a Magneto spin-off?