Apparently, Australia is the place to be if you’re in film. Wolverine was filmed in Sydney last year, Happy Feet 2 and Guardians of Ga’Hoole is currently doing their post production there, and now according to IESB, The Green Latern is joining the bunch. It seems as if the biggest reason is (of course) money.

Nathan Rees, the premiere of North South Wales in Australia, Nathan Rees announced yesterday that the film would be shooting over seas and will be creating around 500 jobs and providing a major boost for the economy (like Hollywood couldn’t use that as well right now). I’m assuming it’s also cheaper to film is NSW because almost anytime you get out of LA, prices drop.

THR has reported that the film will have around a $150 million (the same budget as Watchmen) and I guess they want to make every penny count. The Australian dollar is currently down and they get a 15% location rebate from the Australian federal government who wants more films made over their to help their economy. This takes there $150 million and makes it closer to The Dark Knight‘s budget of $185 million.

Check out what Rees had to say below…

“Bringing Green Lantern to NSW is a major coup,” Mr Rees said. “The NSW Government has worked closely with Warner Bros. to ensure that it chose our State as the location for this big budget production.”

“Securing this movie will ensure skilled film crew stay in NSW… Films such as this invest heavily in the local economy and the flow-on effects for local services such as transport, construction and the hotel industry.”

“The production is expected to employ 500 people at any given time, including 100 performers, 200 crew and thousands of extras.”

“The decision to film Green Lantern here will further strengthen the State’s leadership in the film production industry both domestically and internationally.”

Well, at least someone is making some money! Who knows, maybe we’ll be flying out to Australia for movies soon. I mean they got Star Trek first, what’s next? It does seem like both parties win when they shoot overseas. The only people who lose is the LA film crews which could use a boost as well.

The film is expected to start pre-production in July and will begin hopefully begin filming in November 2009 with Director Martin Campbell, Producer Donald Deline and Executive Producer Herb Gains. Warners is hoping to release the film in December 2010.

I wonder if they’ll be flying Chris Pine out there with them?