Two of my favorite comedic actresses Elizabeth Banks and Leslie Mann will join each other on the big screen in the upcoming film,  What Was I Thinking? According to THR, both actresses are attached to headline the film which is based on the book of the same name. The book What Was I Thinking is a compilation of 58 boyfriend horror stories that were assembled by Barbara Davilman and Liz Dubelman.

The film will focus on four women, and their various dating experiences. One of them will get dumped at her engagement party and as a means of coping is whisked away on a ski trip with several of her best friends. Throughout the trip there will be flashback sequences that feature their “worst ex-boyfriend tales.” Leslie Mann’s character will be a casual dater who has yet to commit to a serious relationship, while Banks will star as a girl on the rebound. The two other female leads have yet to be cast.  The film’s producer Lynda Obst describes it as “a girls’ Apatow movie.”

This movie sounds like it will be hilarious. I would love to see an all female Apatow flick. There are only so man actresses who can pull off that type of humor and poke fun at themselves. I wonder who else is in the running to co-star?

What other actresses have what it takes to star alongside Banks and Mann? Any ideas?