I’ve never thought of director McG as a song and dance kind of man so I was rightfully surprised when I heard that he wanted to tackle a musical. Maybe I should correct that, according to THR he will be tackling a musical. He is attached to direct and produce the popular contemporary rock production, Spring Awakening. He will be adapting the play for the screen alongside original author and songwriter Steven Sater.

Spring Awakening is a coming of age story that focuses on a group of teens in 19th century Germany. We follow the adolescents as they deal with abortion, rape, masturbation and everything else under the sun. If your familiar with singer/songwriter Duncan Sheik, you know that he’s one of the men who brought Spring Awakening to the stage. Sheik and Sater based the musical on an 1891 German play, and turned it into a Broadway phenomenon.

McG will have his hands full with Terminator 5, and his 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea remake. I guess it’s better for him to stack his chips now in case his career cools down later. I can’t really judge him on whether or not he can successfully pull off a musical, because he has worked on such a variety of things. My biggest concern is the film’s casting. It might end up looking like High School Musical 4.

Do you think that McG has what it takes to bring Spring Awakening to the big screen?