Bret Easton Ellis is about to complete the sequel to 1985′s famous Less Than Zero. The original book was turned into a movie starring James SpaderRobert Downey Jr., Jaime Gertz, and Andrew McCarthy. The sequel is titled Imperial Bedrooms and is to be released in May 2010. Ellis seems very open to the idea of creating a part two to the movie; all of the actors are around, and they are actually doing fairly well. The movie helped launch the careers of Ellis, Downey, and Spader, so it seems fitting to make a sequel with the same actors. The new book has all of the main characters in it, but it is set in the present day.

Here is what Ellis has to say about the new book and a possible sequel…

Ellis on the book:

“I first thought [they’d be dead] when I started thinking about it; when I began to outline the book and figure out who’s going to be around and who’s not – some of the main people are going to be okay,” Easton Ellis laughed. “There was some supporting cast that I realized was expendable – you knew something bad was going to happen to them. But the leads? Yeah, they kind of stuck around.”

Ellis says about a sequel,

“[A second ‘Less Than Zero’ movie] can either be a stunt and seem really gimmicky, or it could work out. But I think it would be of interest,” he explained. “Now that I’m finally done with the book I’m thinking ‘God, what if Fox wants to do this as a film?’ Because Fox did the original and I think there’s a rights issue involved…I think it would be a great idea. We’ll see.”

I don’t know about this. I know this is all speculation, but it just seems too much like a, “Why not? The first one did pretty well twenty years ago” and “Oh wow, Robert Downey Jr. played a drug addict in the movie twenty years ago, and he was a drug addict. But, now he is sober…just like the character!” It totally fits. The reasons for making another movie are just not quite there. We should see how the book is before there are talks of a sequel. Let’s not jump the gun.

What do you guys think? Would you like to see a sequel to Less Than Zero?

Source: MTV