Wolverine 2

It seems like 20th Century Fox may have gotten a little bit lucky with the X-Men Origins: Wolverine Internet leak that happened a few weeks ago. Actually, they were really lucky. First off, it appears the movie was only downloaded by about 100,000 people. Not millions of people, as previously thought. That is an incredibly small number of people for such an anticipated movie. When you think about it, those who downloaded the movie would have probably done the same thing when the movie is actually released. So there aren’t really any missed out tickets there.

Second, it seems as though a lot of people still want to see the movie despite the movie’s leak onto the Internet. A recent tracking report showed there is still a large amount of people that want to see it. The movie ranked No.1 for young males and men aged 31 and older, which is clearly the target audience. With these developments, it seems like the people at Fox will breathe a little easier.

Hearing all of this makes me wonder, did Fox maybe plan the leak?

This may seem like a little conspiracy theory, but it didn’t really seem to hurt them at all. In fact, all of the buzz generated by the leak may have even helped them a bit and it may have given them enough time to edit any of the problems people wrote about. In theory, if you leak a film and people don’t like it, you can change it. Plus, it did create a lot of buzz and sympathy for the film.

It does seem odd that the WHOLE film was leaked so far in advance. Small leaks, bad bootlegged leaks, or possibly leaks a week prior to release are one thing, but nearly an entire copy of the almost-finished film over a month beforehand? And then that followed up with a review by a the same company’s (Fox) reporter? Who the hell let that one slip by?

Something doesn’t seem right. So it, may be a pointless conspiracy theory but…

What do you think? Do you think it might have been leaked on purpose?