The unthinkable has happened! Mark Wahlberg has signed on to co-star in another comedy. The actor is already set to star in The B-Team opposite Will Farrell, and now he’s on to another. According to Variety, Wahlberg has joined the comedy Date Night. The film centers on a married couple who’s lives end up in danger during one of their routine “date nights.” Steve Carell and Tina Fey will star as the leads, while Wahlberg will portray a buffed up and successful securities expert who flirts with Fey’s character. As if his addition wasn’t enough, James Franco has also signed on to co-star.

James Franco will star as a petty criminal who isn’t the brightest person in the world. Sounds like he’ll be channeling his character from Pineapple Express. If your a fan of The CW teen drama Gossip Girl, you can catch a glimpse of series regular Leighton Meester in the film as well. The actress will star as the couple’s babysitter. In an odd twist Common, who will be seen in next month’s Terminator Salvation has signed on to star as the villain, while Taraji P.Henson will portray a cop who believes the couple is in danger. Rounding out the cast is SNL alum  Kristen Wiig as Fey’s best friend.

Yeesh! That’s a lot of talented people in one film. Date Night will be directed by Shawn Levy who attributes the movie’s cast to Carell and Fey. “I think people just really wanted to work with Tina and Steve.” I believe him. I’m interested in seeing this one come together.

What do you think of the ensemble cast for Date Night?