Expendables 1

Finally all the casting rumors are over and they’ve started shooting the damn thing! The Expendables has started shooting with it’s official lineup Jason Statham, Mickey Rourke, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Brittany Murphy, Charisma Carpenter, Eric Roberts, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Jet Li, and the writer and director of the film itself, Sylvester Stallone. Last week we saw some pictures of the film’s plane and Stallone jumping out of it, and this week (thanks to /Film) we see that other cast members are on set with him.

I’m not sure if the person taking these photos was allowed to be taking them, because Stallone looks pretty pissed off at the camera guy in the above photo. That being said, he may have been mid-scene and simply acting. I can’t really tell the difference but he does look upset about something.

Below are two pictures one of which you can see above with Statham and Stallone standing around and the other of Eric Roberts and Stone Cold Steve Austin in the middle of one of their many action scenes.

Check them out now…

The film is due out in theaters April 23rd 2010and is about a team of “expendable” mercenaries who are sent on a mission in South America to overthrow a dictator. Really, all it is an excuse to blow up a lot of shit and say a lot of one liners. Rock on with yoru bad selves!

Whose ready for more Stallone?