That’s right! They haven’t moved it up by much, but originally the film was set to be released on May 8th, with limited midnight screenings, and now they’ve moved up the release date a whole five hours! So now instead of waiting until midnight you can see the film at 7pm on May 7th. They’ve got a thing for sevens! Woohoo! Now all you teenagers can see it and not get grounded for staying out until 3am.

My guess is that due to all the positive feedback that the film has been receiving from early reviews, they’re hoping that they’ll be able to break some box office numbers opening weekend. Most big blockbusters do go for early releases to ensure as many screenings as possible. The Dark Knight was available at 12:01 a.m. on the Thursday of it’s opening week, Hancock managed to open on a Tuesday, and the same thing goes for a number of big releases.

I love early releases. With a movie like this, you need to see it early. The hype is half the fun. Plus then all your friends can’t ruin the best parts of the film for you.

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What do you think about the new release date?