I don’t usually believe half of the outlandish stories that are reported about movie budgets, especially tent-pole projects. Studios try to keep those numbers under lock and key. Perhaps they don’t want people knowing what they’re dishing out in case a film flops. This may be the reason Disney was forced to clear the air regarding their Tron sequel. Rumors had the film’s budget topping 300 million dollars, but the studio says that’s not the case.

Disney nipped the number in the bud via /Film, and said the film’s budget is nowhere near 300 million. The majority of this speculation may have to do with the technology that’s being used for the shoot. This is a movie about computer programming and virtual worlds being made in 2009. Who knows what they’re going to do. Cinematographer Claudio Miranda who worked on Benjamin Button has been using nothing but the best during filming. He and his crew are shooting in 3-D with Sony F-35 HD cameras.

Can you say pressure? Even if the budget is a myth, this is an ambitious film to be making from a technological standpoint. This race to produce 3-D movies makes me feel like I’ve been thrown 50 years into the past when the craze first hit.

Do you think the 3-D effects in Tron 2 will blow you away?