A new featurette has just popped up on /Film with a little sneak into the music in Angels & Demons. The clip contains an introduction by the films composer Hans Zimmer and Director Ron Howard. Zimmer briefly explains why he was inspired by this film (possibly because he did the original score for The Da Vinci Code?) and Howard talks about how the new score is a continuation from one of the final pieces in The Da Vinci Code, and helps show Robert Langdon’s (Tom Hanks) growth from the last film and into this one.

After the intro, we we get to see some clips of the film (nothing too new) set to a piece from Zimmer’s score for the film. It’s kind of like an Angels & Demons music video.

Check it out now…

Now, I try to avoid any judgment on movie scores, so I’ll just throw it straight to you. What do you think?