I am seriously freaking out about Tron 2, or whatever name its going by these days. Rumors have been swirling regarding its production budget, which various sources have estimated hits somewhere around the 300 million dollar mark. That’s James Cameron Avatar status! Even with all of the CGI, and 3-D technology that’s a lot of money. I personally want to see them put their money where their mouth is. Over at /Film, they’ve posted the first set photo from the film, which is being shot on location in Vancouver. The above photo was taken by one of the cities natives, who also gave an extensive set report.

More on the Tron shoot after the jump.

They have been spending some crazy money here. They have been blocking off huge main sections of downtown for some pretty awesome looking action scenes. I saw tons of police cars chasing a guy hanging on to the top of a taxi. There were huge cranes holding up a stunt wire rig rig like I have never seen before. There is defintly some impressive non light cycle real life action in this movie. They have also transformed the tallest building in the city with huge encom logos and futuristic lighting. I was in total awe of how much equipment and gadgets they had. Everything I’ve seen them doing in the last five days is easily some of the most expensive stuff I’ve ever seen.  It’s probably is $300 million, even if it’s canadian dollars. I only managed to grab this crappy still with the big logo and some futuristic room above.

Sounds expensive. It looks like they want this film to be epic. The original Tron broke ground in a lot of ways over 25 years ago. It will be interesting to see how the sequel pushes the envelope. A lot has been developed over that time frame and I’m almost afraid of what they’re going to do next.

Do you think Tron 2 will deliver the futuristic visuals we’d expect? Do you think the film’s worth it’s budget?