Sin City 2 has been on the back burner for a few years, but lately there have been hints of progression. We heard that Frank Miller has finished the second draft of the screenplay, via co-stars Rosario Dawson and Jamie King, and the production could start anytime from this spring to next year. The biggest casting rumor that’s been surrounding the film concerns Academy Award winning actress, Angelina Jolie. She has been “attached” to star in the movie for a while, but she’s never commented on any definite involvement. Yet, as of late the developing sequel has been gaining momentum, and Jolie’s name has once again popped up as it’s possible star.

Over at Moviehole, they have an exclusive from a high powered producer who’s on the inside of the Sin City fold. From their source they hear that Jolie has resumed talks to star in the film, which makes her rumored attachment more than just a possibility. The actress first spoke to Miller and director Robert Rodriguez about the film three years ago in 2006, but the project went cold and nothing materialize. Now according to their insider Jolie is back in the loop to star as the lead in the “A Dame to Kill For” story.

Jolie would star as Ava, the girlfriend of Clive Owen’s character Dwight McCarthy. She shows up and professes her love for him, and brings a lot of trouble along with her. This film would reunite Jolie and Owen who previously starred in the drama Beyond Borders together. Owen is “loosely” attached to reprise his role, but if everything comes to fruition they would be the on screen team to beat.

I must admit if Jolie does sign on for Sin City 2, she’d fit perfectly with the film’s canvas. She’s already proved that she can balance action along with sex appeal, so she’s knocking out two birds with one stone.

What do you think? Should Angelina just sign on already or would you prefer someone else in the role of Ava?