Last week as ShoWest I had the privilege of being able to screen The Soloist, I still however do not have the ability to review it. I will say that my first response to the film was that Robert Downey Jr., Jamie Foxx, and Catherine Keener do a fantastic job in the film. All three of them have such dynamic and rich characters that could only be fully realized by three sophisticated and experienced actors.

It also helps that the have Joe Wright, a director known for creating painfully beautiful films about meaningful topics that pull at your heartstrings.

Check out videos from the film and featurettes and photos with the director, cast, crew, and the two people the story was based on, Steve Lopez and Nathaniel Ayers below…

Steve Meets Nathaniel:

I Want to Help Him:

Dinner at Award Show:

Cast Featurette:

Director Joe Wright’s “Journey” Featurette:

Director Joe Wright’s Team Featurette:

Steve Lopez & Nathaniel Ayers Jr. Featurette:

The Soloist will be in theaters April 24, 2009.