The second official trailer for Public Enemies has been released, and it’s a complete turn around from the first. The previous trailer, highlighted the action aspects of this more modern Robin Hood-like story, shows the male leads with tommy guns, money, and fast 1930s cars. A true film noire gangster.

The second trailer, however, is much more mellow. Sure, there’s still tons of bullets and tommy guns, but it’s not nearly as emphasized as in the first. Instead, the role of the leading lady, Marion Cotillard, is played up and her relationship with Depp’s character is revealed a little bit more.

Read on to see the trailers…

Second Trailer:

First Trailer:

I ask you: is there a better combination than bullets and romance? Looks like the film has a little something to offer for everyone.

What do you think of the trailers? Did your opinion on the movie change at all? Let us know!