The Boy Who Lived is back! The release date had been pushed back a whole year, but now the wait is almost over.

The new Harry Potter international trailer was just released today, and the US trailer was released in July of last year. I took a look at two of the official trailers and couldn’t help but notice that they looked the same, but their meaning was completely different. To the uninitiated (aka those who have not read the books), it seems like completely different films are being promoted.

Read more and see both trailers below…

The older trailer is a flashback of Dumbledore’s first meeting with Tom Riddle. It’s chilling, intriguing, and haunting as the book requires it to be. It looks like a movie that reveals how evil became Evil (much like those terrible Star Wars prequels); centering around Riddle and Dumbledore. The newest one, sounds more like a dramatic, emotional movie, focusing not on the villain, but on events at Hogwarts; centering around Harry and his other friends.

The amazing part about looking at these two trailers is that is reminds me you really can’t judge a film by it’s trailer. What’s the real story here? Certainly, the film will have the footage seen in both trailers, but what will it be about?

Guess I’ll have to see the film for myself to find out!

Compare the two trailer for yourself below…

Old trailer:

New trailer:

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince will finally be premiering on July 17th!

Are you going to see Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince? What did you think of the trailers? Why are they so different? Let us know!