We’ve heard so much about the male cast members surrounding the testosterone driven film, The Expendables that we’ve ignored it’s female co-stars. Just last month Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel alum Charisma Carpenter signed on to star in the film and now according to Empire, Brittany Murphy’s on board too. The film site reports that Murphy and fellow actor David Zayas officially joined the cast today. Expendables has already begun filming as you can tell from the set photos that sprung up online earlier this week, but Stallone’s still for lack of a better word “beefing up” his cast.

Within these past two months The Expendables has gained Carpenter, Murphy, Zayas, Steve “Stone Cold” Austin, and UFC fighter Antonio Nogueira. This film will re-team Murphy with her Sin City co-star Mickey Rourke as she will play the singer girlfriend of his arms dealer character. David Zayas a character actor, who’s appeared in films such as 16 Blocks and Michael Clayton, will play someone simply described as a “very bad man.”

It’s good to see Brittany Murphy working again. For the past three or four years she’s been M.I.A. No high profile films, no notable appearances on television, nada. Even though this is no 8 Mile, I hope it reminds people that she’s still alive and kicking. I can’t wait until this movie drops. I seriously need to know how all of these people are going to fit in one movie? I thought Ocean’s Thirteen was pushing it, but this has got them beat.

What do you think about Murphy’s return to the big screen?