Here’s an ironic story for you. I remember when the latest James Bond film Quantum of Solace was released critics were saying how it strayed too much from classic James Bond. They saw Bond as trying to keep up with Jason Bourne and younger fans. So of course when I read via Cinemablend that Tony Gilroy has been added to the shortlist of potential director’s for the next 007 film it screamed irony.

Gilroy is a talented writer and director best known for helming the George Clooney drama, Michael Clayton. The irony of this situation stems from the fact that Gilroy had a part in writing all three films in the Bourne Trilogy. What better way to catch up with Jason Bourne than to hire his writer. Gilroy’s name is the latest in a long list of potential directors who include previous Bond directors Martin Campbell and Marc Forster.

Really James Bond producers? I thought you were at least trying to hide your Bourne obsession, but now its out in the open. I’m not a die hard Bond fan, but I do know some people have issues with his new fast paced format. In my opinion the films fit with the times that they’re made. Unfortunately, that may step on some followers toes. Either way, there’s nothing wrong with adapting to change as long as you don’t forget who you are in the process.

Would you like to see Gilroy direct the next James Bond film?