After all the casting, script, and directing rumors that we’ve reported, we’ve may have finally found out why Sin City 2 hasn’t been able to be green lit and begin shooting. According to IESB it’s because The Weinstein Company who was supposed to be producing the film has lost the rights to it. How the hell can something like that happen? A major film and a major production company?

The good news is many of our writing and casting rumors may still be true. There may very well be a perfectly good script out there, but the Weinstein’s won’t have anything to do with it. Due to TWC’s problems with mismanaging films, the project has now moved on without them. IESB is saying that there is a possibility of the movie now be financed by a private equity group, but nothing has been reported. We’re hoping that an official announcement will be made soon.

Although this sounds like bad news it may in fact push the film forward. The Weinstein’s have had a number of problems releasing films over the past year and switching to another production company may be the best way for us to see Sin City 2 make it to the big screen.

What do you think? Are you glad TWC lost the film?