The Clash of the Titan’s remake just got an epic push in the casting department. The film which currently stars Sam Worthington, Gemma Arterton, Mads Mikkelsen, and Alexa Davalos may be joined by Harry Potter alum, Ralph Fiennes. According to Variety, Fiennes has just “advanced” negotiations to star in the role of Hades, the god of Hell. Could you see him as anyone else? Incredible Hulk director Louis Letterier is directing Titans, which we can expect to hit theaters next year.

In another surprising move the role of Zeus, which was played by Sir Laurence Olivier in the original previously had Liam Neeson attached to star. His involvement with the project is uncertain at the moment due to the personal tragedy stemming from the untimely death of his wife, Natasha Richardson. As for Fiennes, his primary issue is timing. He’s set to start filming his role as Voldemort in the final installment of the Harry Potter franchise this fall, so he’s trying to tie up any open deals to avoid scheduling conflicts.

It looks like Letterier and Warner Brothers are actually trying to make this film decent. Everyone else I could toss to the wind, but I can’t overlook Fiennes’ talent. I wonder if this is how people felt about the 1981 version when Olivier and Maggie Smith co-starred as Zeus and Thetis?

What do you think? Would Ralph Fiennes would make the perfect Hades?