We’ve all heard about the X-Men Origins: Wolverine leak all over the internet. The movie opens on May 1, but was released illegally online a month earlier. Some sources are reporting that the film has been downloaded over 1 million times! That has to suck for the studio as well as it’s stars, including Wolverine himself Hugh Jackman. According to THR, the actor gave his take on the unfortunate circumstance surrounding his latest film, and as expected he’s not happy about it.

Read what Hugh had to say after the jump.

“It’s a serious crime, and there’s no doubt it’s very disappointing. I was heartbroken by it,” Jackman said. “Obviously, people are seeing an unfinished film. It’s like a Ferrari without a paint job.” He added that he was heartened that about 95% of the online community condemned the leak and said was confident that the culprit will be caught.

I’m with him on this one. I don’t want to see an unpolished version of the film. It’s a waste of time, and you don’t get the full effect. Could you imagine seeing Transformers or The Dark Knight before they put in the final visual effects? Everyone worked really hard on it, especially Jackman who not only starred in the film, but also served as one of it’s producers. According to him whoever is behind this will get their just desserts, “The FBI are onto it, and they’re taking it very, very seriously.”

I know the anticipation for the film seems unbearable but come on guys watch it when it’s at a hundred percent.

What do you think of what Hugh had to say? Does it make you feel for the project?