I know your on the edge of your seat to see the sequel to the Jason Statham flick Crank. I just came across a couple of new photos from Cinemablend, and yeah they’re pretty disturbing. I’m sure Crank: High Voltage will have just as much if not more over the top action and gore than its predecessor. Speaking of over the top, I had no idea Corey Haim (above) was in this film? Lucas is that you? I don’t know what’s more disturbing his bleached mullett or Jason Statham’s dysfunctional heart. But hey, he’s got bills to pay like everyone else even if his hair does hurt my eyes. Crank 2 hits theaters on April 17, and once again re-teams Statham with his on screen love interest Amy Smart.

Check out a gross pic of Jason Statham having an “out of body” experience after the jump.


Yeah, that’s pretty disgusting. This is just one of the many out of control images you can expect to be etched into your memory after seeing the film. I love how he’s not even looking at what’s directly in front of him. How can you not?

Do you think Crank: High Voltage is worth your money? Will you go see it in theaters or wait for the DVD?