Wolverine 5

When I first looked at the news pictures that were just released for Wolverine I was reminded of something Liev Schreiber said in an interview that we did with him a while back where he talked about how much fun it was to shoot the film. He told us it was like being a kid playing cops and robbers or cowboys and Indians, he also told us, “I don’t think men really grow pass 22 intellectually. Physically we just get older and we’re less capable of doing the things you want to do, but you never stop wanting to do them.”

When I look at these pictures, I see what he means. He and Hugh Jackman look like they’re having too much fun. It’s like they are two incredibly buff kids running around an incredibly big back yard. The way that they’re screaming together in the one shot really makes them look bonded. I’m not sure what it is, but they really look like they’re having fun together (well, not in some other pictures).

Check out the pictures below…

What do you think of the photos?