Is it just me or is Zac Efron everywhere? I understand the kid’s trying to break out of the Disney mold and do his own thing but does he have to touch everything I hold near and dear? First, there were the casting rumors that had him starring in Footloose, which were shut down when the actor stated that he was through with musicals at this point in his career. Good riddance. I don’t want him anywhere near my 1984 Kevin Bacon or his gymnast stunt double. Unfortunately according to THR, Efron is in talks for another adaptation but this time it has to do with a Japanese manga entitled, Full Metal Panic.

Mandalay Pictures have purchased the rights to Full Metal Panic and plan on making a live action version for the big screen. The manga centers on a world where adults are nearly non-existent, and mixes high school drama, action and comedy. The lead character in the series is Sousuke Sagara. He’s the leader of a teenage anti-terrorist group and is assigned to protect a high school girl gifted with mystical powers. Efron is said to be eyeing the project as well as another developing feature, Johnny Quest.

With Johnny Quest I wouldn’t be surprised but Full Metal Panic? What are they going to change his name to, because I can’t see him pulling off Sousuke Sagara. You know they have to Americanize everything for these adaptations. I’m not a heavy follower of this manga, so I can honestly say that I don’t feel completely betrayed by the thought of him starring in it. Yet, I would like to know how some die hard fans feel about this.

Do you think Zac Efron is a good choice for the lead in Full Metal Panic? Who else should they consider for the role?