As we all know from the chocolate bunnies and brightly colored eggs, Easter Sunday is fast approaching. During this time, many years ago, Jesus Christ was having his last meal with his twelve disciples. If you had to do a recreation of the Last Supper, who would you pick to play the parts? Who would play Jesus? This is my pick of actors who would be part of the recreation. Now I’m no casting director, but I think I did a pretty good job. It’s tough casting history’s important characters.

Here is the list:

Mary Magdalene: Angelina Jolie



Mary Magdalene was a woman of questionable morals before she became one of the disciples of Jesus. Now Angelina Jolie may not have been saved by Jesus, but she sure has cleaned up her act in the past few years. The once bad girl has reformed into a doting mother and humanitarian. Plus, she can definitely handle herself around all the men.

Saint Peter: Mel Gibson


Saint Peter is a hard one to match. He was the head disciple. Wouldn’t Mel Gibson just love to have this role?  It could just feed his ego just a little bit more. Hopefully, his drunken rants might just be a little bit better.

Saint Andrew: Kevin McKidd


Saint Andrew is the patron saint of Scotland, and Kevin McKidd is from Scotland. Holy cow! They totally fit! Actually, Kevin McKidd is already accustomed to the roles having during historic periods, Rome anyone? I would be curious to see how he would do as a disciple of Jesus.

Saint James: Javier Bardem


Saint James is the patron saint of Spain, who spread the gospel in that region. Javier Bardem was born in Spain, and has proven his ability to spread his own kind of gospels in No Country for Old Men and Vicky Christina Barcelona. Mass murder and threesomes anyone?

John the Apostle: Johnny Depp


Whether or not Johnny Depp is capable of playing this role is not really my concern here. I think it would just be kind of fun to have him play a saint and so I picked one with the same name. He has a style of acting that is very much his own, and it would add a little spice to the movie. Now only if Tim Burton would direct it the film.

Saint Philip: Anthony Hopkins


Saint Philip is associated with power. He saved Bartholomew from crucifixion by rousing bystanders to free Bartholomew. Anthony Hopkins is a powerful figure in Hollywood, who I imagine could rally almost anyone he wanted into making a film. Plus, he played a serial killer before, so I imagine would add an interesting twist to a saint.

Saint Bartholomew: Russell Crowe


Russell Crowe has a mysterious aura about him. He seems like a distant, brooding traveler. Saint Bartholomew was known as the traveler of the bunch. Russell Crowe seems like he would play the religious nomad fairly well. It wouldn’t be a far cry from his previous role in Gladiator.

Saint Matthew: Philip Seymour Hoffman


If anyone can do Saint Matthew’s right, it’s Philip Seymour Hoffman. Well, that’s actually a little bit of a stretch seeing As Saint Matthew was a tax collector. But, I think he deserves a place on this list. He started out as an actor with very minor roles, and had now collected (see what I did there) many leading roles in some of the most prestigious films of the past decade. It might seem a little off, but hey, that’s the fun of it. Just make him grow out his hair, put a robe on, and he should be set to go.

Thomas the Apostle: Harrison Ford


Thomas was the skeptic out of the group; he didn’t believe it when Christ was resurrected. Personally, I would just love to hear Harrison Ford, in his Indiana Jones voice, cry out “It can’t be!” That would cause a chuckle. Saint Thomas was also the disciple to have traveled the furthest to spread Christianity. Harrison Ford has played an archaeologist on traveling all corners of the world for lost relics. It could work.

Saint James the Less: Liev Schreiber


Saint James wasn’t mentioned too much in the Bible. Poor guy witnesses all of these awful things, spreads the Holy scripture, and what does he get? Well he got an honorable mention. Maybe if he had a little bit more time, he would have a higher ranking. Well Liev Schreiber is one of those stars who has been appearing in more movies and doing a fantastic job and yet rarely ever gets mentioned. Until now!

Saint Simon: Sean Connery


Somehow it just seems fitting. Saint Simon was one of the lesser saints. Still important of course, but doesn’t dominate in the story of Jesus. A good fit for Connery. I’m sure you could fit a “Damnit Jesus! Don’t do it!” in there (in typical Sean Connery fashion, of course).

Saint Jude Thaddaeus: George Clooney


This is for all of the George Clooney fans. Who wouldn’t want to see George Clooney in a robe spreading the word of Jesus? Saint Jude also happens to be the patron saint of lost causes; he helped those who were hopeless. George Clooney has helped those who are hopeless in Darfur, so they have something in common.

Judas Iscariot: Christian Bale


This may seem like a risky choice. I think Christian Bale might curse me if he read this. I mean, who would want to be the one to play the most-hated man in history; he killed Jesus, the Son of God. However, Christian Bale is one of those actors who takes his roles very seriously and isn’t afraid to play the bad guy. He is a bit of a rebel and a hothead, but he recognizes his mistakes. After all, he is human.

Last but not least…

Jesus: Daniel Day Lewis


Any actor would love to be offered the role of Jesus, and there are a lot of actors who might actually do a decent job. Daniel Day Lewis is one of those talented actors who is not a “celebrity”, he is an actual actor. He has the ability to turn himself into almost anything he chooses. And if that isn’t reason enough for you, here’s another good one: have Daniel Day Lewis grow out his hair and he definitely looks like Jesus. Can you picture it?

Now the question is, who would direct the film? What do you think?

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