I’m sure I’m not the only one right now that is thinking, “What the fuck?!” But it has been confirmed (via IESB and WENN), that Garry Shandling is part of the Iron Man 2 cast. The movie is rumored to start off just the way that the first Iron Man ended. “I am Iron Man,” and all that business. This is where the Shandling’s skills as an actor come in.

He is said to be playing the part of Senator Stern. I can only assume that his appearance will be kept to a minimum. I mean the last thing that he starred in was What Planet Are You From? and we all know how that fared.

I’m not buying this. Is this a delayed April Fool’s joke? The story starts to get a bit confusing when it was reported via IESB that the film “began principal photography today” and yet it is also being said that “Shandling was on set today in an undisclosed location shooting a large scene.” What was he actually doing on set, if he was on set at all?

If we’re lucky, maybe they’ll throw another surprise our way and make him the villain. In any case, I’m sure he’s sicked to meet Robert Downey Jr.

What do you think of the latest casting decisions?