We have our Bedtime Stories DVD winners! We asked us what stories you liked to hear as a child.

Did all your dreams come true? Find out…


  • Dunz0 – i guess i wasn’t fortunate enough to be told bedtime stories before i went to bed as a kid… that makes me sad. i guess this is what happens when you grow up in a different culture. no bedtime stories :( the only stories i heard were when i read books to myself as a little kid. i would like this movie just so that i can hear some bedtime stories. (Writer’s note: Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!)
  • Steve – I loved Stone Soup. Too bad I actually didn’t like Stone Soup when I tried making it. I knew even then at 5 I would never be a good cook.
  • Geraldine – I don’t remember getting read to specifically until my dad was trying to teach me how to read with a book of fables and short stories in Spanish (which I learned before English). After I learned to read in English, I constantly read all sorts of 80s kiddie lit (those silly Sweet Valley books, etc).

An e-mail has been sent to each of you, so please respond ASAP with a shipping address so we can get these DVDs out to you. Such heartwarming stories! Thanks for playing!

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