Terminator Salvation 1

I haven’t purchased a pack of Topps cards since I was about 12 or 13 years old. Nothing against them I just preferred to focus on collecting action figures and photos instead. If you’are still an avid buyer of Topps, they’re producing cards specifically for promotion of the film, Terminator Salvation. These will be various trading cards that include everything from screen-caps to one of a kind drawings executed by some of today’s most talented artists.

Check out some of the card designs along with a full description after the jump.

Extra-special, random insert cards will feature the film’s star robots in Embossed Foil as well as Pop-Up Battle Cards. Additionally, selected packs will contain random, one-of-a-kind Artist Sketch Cards, Authentic Autograph Cards or Memorabilia Cards embedded with actor-worn costume materials. Hobby boxes will include a minimum of one “hit” per 24-count box; foil packs will carry a suggested retail price of $2 per pack.”

There you have it people. Terminator Salvation trading cards are clocking in at two bucks a pop. I will admit the Authentic Autograph Cards do seem tempting. You can check out the gallery filled with the card images below.

Images courtesy of /Film.

What do you think of the cards?