An unfortunate event occurred at a night time screening of Zack Snyder’s Watchmen. According to KMTR movie patrons in an Oregon theater got more than they bargained for when an unidentified male shot himself during the film. Police say the shooting occurred just after midnight at the Regal Cinema in Eugene. There were about 10 people present at the time, when a 24 year-old male decided to take his life.

When the initial shot was fired, patrons complained to the manager that they heard a loud “popping” sound that sounded like a gunshot. After further investigation the man’s body was found at the rear end of the auditorium with a gunshot wound to the head. By the time police came he was already dead. The person who sat the closest to him was a mere two rows away.

No information has been released regarding the man’s identity or circumstance as to what would cause him to do such a thing. I know they don’t have metal detectors in theaters like that, but wow.  I also think the fact that 10 people were in the theater to see Watchmen on a Sunday night tells us a little bit about the box office standing of the film. Who goes to a midnight show on a Sunday? Those people were either bored or ashamed to be seen watching that film. Why did the man choose that movie out of everything else playing to commit suicide? What’s really going on? Did he really dislike the movie that much?

How would you react if something like that happened to you? Should they put metal detectors in theaters now?

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