Here are some of the top news stories you may have missed this Fast&Furious weekend….

  • A few new photos have been released promoting next month’s Star Trek. They feature Capt.Kirk , Mr. Spock, and the film’s villain, Nero. [/Film]
  • A fifth 30 second promo for Star Trek also debuted this weekend featuring Kirk in a bar fight. The whole TV spot is backed by heavy rock music, which really gets me amped for the film. This isn’t your daddy’s Star Trek!
  • Check out the full theatrical trailer for the Park Chan-wook vampire film, Thirst. There aren’t any subtitles and it’s completely in Korean, but the visuals tell you everything you need to know. [FirstShowing]

  • Three TV spots premiered on Saturday night during the NCAA game for Terminator Salvation. May 21 can’t get here fast enough! [LatinoReview]
  • Another international poster has been released for X-Men Origins: Wolverine. It doesn’t look that different from the last one, but they must have read my complaints because they removed Emma Frost and Cyclops. Too bad they’re still in the film though. [IESB]
  • Speaking of Wolverine, longtime Fox entertainment blogger Roger Friedman was fired after he wrote a review on the pirated version of the film. Why would he post a review of a bootlegged movie that’s produced by his own company? [Variety]