Director Zack Snyder has moved on from last month’s Watchmen adaptation to his latest all girl project, Sucker Punch. The film features a who’s who of up and coming talent featuring Abby Cornish, Vanessa Hudgens, Evan Rachel Wood and most recently Emily Browning. Snyder sat down and spoke to Entertainment Weekly regarding the film and rumors that Warner Brothers was heavily diappointed by Watchmen’s box office performance. He responded by saying,”All the studio has ever said to me is, ‘We are proud of Watchmen, we think it’s awesome and we stand behind it.” Snyder feels that Warner Brothers will faithfully support Sucker Punch just as they did his previous film.

The director is ready to up the ante with Sucker Punch, an action thriller that takes place in a insane asylum. Snyder says the film will be a “hard R”, and he’s really going to challenge the studio with it’s content. All of the actresses for the film are currently negotiating their contracts, and Snyder can’t wait for their deals to be finalized so they can get to work.

“They are all super excited because they get to play these juicy, mentally difficult roles, plus they get to fight,” he says. “We need to get the deals done because they’ve got a lot of fight training to do.”

Vanessa Hudgens kicking someones ass? I’m going to have to see this! I wonder if they will be taught martial arts or hard core street fighting? Snyder really loves to go for hard R ratings. He loves to push the envelope when it comes to violence, sex, and gore. I don’t consider myself a sensitive viewer, but I’m not a fan of adding stuff solely for shock value. I hope he doesn’t go that route with Sucker Punch, but old habits die hard.

Snyder was the recipient of the Director of the Year Award at this year’s ShoWest convention in Las Vegas. I don’t hate the guy but hasn’t he only made three films? Dawn of the Dead, 300, and Watchmen to be exact and only one out of the those was actually decent. He also earned a spot on Entertainment Weekly’s top 25 active directors this year where he beat out Clint Eastwood, Danny Boyle, Paul Greengrass, Ron Howard, Paul Thomas Anderson,and Darren Aronofsky just to name a few. That ranking alone forced me to disregard the legitimacy of the list. I’ll be more than happy to give him a chance once he shows me a film that’s not heavily diluted with slow motion and green screen effects. Is that possible?

Do you think Sucker Punch will do better than Watchmen? Does Snyder deserve all of the accolades he’s received?