bill-murray-groundhog_09-4-3Welcome to out Friday roundup, where we got some fun and interesting topics from during the week that you might not have seen. We got horny/drunk superheroes, sincerity from a director whose last flick was not received well, a script for a sequel that shouldn’t exist, and more. Click on the links, follow the sites and enjoy these articles of pure, sweet trivia.

  • In an interview with MTV, Justin Chatwin stated that the script for a sequel to the (yet to be released) Dragonball Evolution, has already been written. I hope, for all our sakes that this is just some cruel joke that I don’t get. [SuperHeroHype]
  • There was an amusing article listing the best CGI characters that we have seen in the movies. It’s an almost unarguable list that even has an honorable mention for Dr. Manhattan’s wang. [Unreality Magazine]

  • Sam Raimi admits how displeased he was with Spiderman 3 and explains how he hopes to revive the franchise with Spiderman 4. Honestly, I thought he fucked up the 3rd on e on purpose, but I guess not. [JoBlo]
  • A pretty funny selection of when superheroes give in to their vices and prove to us that they are also human…sort of. But hey, who wouldn’t abuse the ability to drink and fly? [UnrealityMag]
  • Harold Ramis, of Ghostbusters fame, has recently revealed that there is new masterpiece in the works. A musical we never thought would come. None other than the “Groundhog Day Musical.” Read all about it here. [MTV]

What’s your favorite story of the week?