When I first read this news I almost screamed, because the Twilight sequel New Moon popped into my head. Then I realized I was reading about Paul Weitz, not his younger brother Chris Weitz. According to Variety, Paul is now the front runner to direct the third installment in the Meet the Parents franchise entitled Little Fockers. This is a complete 180 from the news we heard last month when it seemed like Peter Segal had this gig wrapped up. What happened?

Apparently no one knows what went south between Segal and the producers. There’s no word on whether it was creative or scheduling conflicts that knocked him out of the directors chair. Either way, he’s out and Weitz is in. The director’s previous work includes About a Boy, which he co-directed with Chris, American Pie, and In Good Company. Even though Jay Roach (Meet the Parents, Meet the Fockers) is unavailable to direct he will still serve as a producer on Little Fockers.

Why have they been having such a hard time finding a director for this film? This isn’t Poltergeist. The set’s not haunted. What’s the problem here? This movie is suffering from Twilight syndrome, with it’s revolving door of directors. Perhaps the studio is trying to be extra careful this time around, since Meet the Fockers was so lackluster. But then again wouldn’t that have more to do with the screenwriter than the director?

Who do you think should direct Little Fockers? Do you think Paul Weitz would do a good job?