Somehow, a rumor was started that Star Trek’s Chris Pine was to star as Hal Jordan in Warner Brothers’ The Green Lantern. That rumor has been officially squashed, well at least for now. In an interview with MTV, Pine was very clear about his involvement with the movie.  Pine stated, “No, I had a meeting with [casting director] Pam Dixon and [executive producer] Donald De Line, but a meeting was all it was.”  Pine further stated, ”I have not been offered squat. I do not have the part and haven’t read a script.”  There you have it. He could be lying about it just to surprise everyone, but that seems like a little bit far-fetched.

Interestingly enough, he doesn’t seem too excited nor determined to play the part.

Pine stated in the interview:

“I’m not a big comic book fan…” He is instead, “a fan of stories, so if there’s a story to be told, I love to tell a good story. But there’s not a particular superhero or comic book character that I’d like to play.”

It seems like many actors and actresses are clamoring to play a superhero or comic characters. It is sure shot at stardom, or just that everyone wants to cash in on a sequel.

I don’t know if I should be excited, sad, or ambivalent to this news. I can’t really envision Chris Pine as anything other than the romantic interest in random chick flicks, let alone the Green Lantern.

What do you think? Is this disappointing? Are you excited for the Green Lantern movie?