Today is April Fool’s Day and while some people love it there are some who loathe it. Case in point, today a lot of entertainment sites posted fake stories about your favorite actors and films.Therefore I’ve collected a few of the best articles from several sources for this special April Fool’s round up. Some of them are obviously fake, but there were a couple that had me worried.

  • Seth Rogen is in talks to co-star in the feature length Battlestar Galactica film. [Moviehole]
  • Robert Pattinson decided to retire from acting and walked off the set of New Moon. [Popsugar]
  • It’s another remake, and this time their going for Three Men and a Baby. The cast will include Justin Long, Jonah Hill, and Zac Efron. [Movieweb]
  • Fast & Furious star Vin Diesel has pulled out of the Australian promotional tour for the fourth installment of the car racing franchise. He has also announced that he will star in New Moon as the ancient Italian vampire Lestat, father of Caius. [Moviehole]

Who’d you believe? What story scared you the most?