When I found out about this casting news I wasn’t sure if it was legitimate or an April Fools joke. But the source is one of the most trusted trades in the business and I don’t think they would lie to me. According to THR, Academy Award nominee Michael Shannon and funnyman Will Arnett have signed on to co-star in the comic book adaptation, Jonah Hex. The cast already boasts of Josh Brolin in the title role, John Malkovich, and Megan Fox.

Jonah Hex is about a mutilated bounty hunter’s search for a voodoo priest (Malkovich) who’s trying raise an army of the undead to liberate the South. Shannon will play Doc Cross Williams, an off putting character who is the ringleader of a barbaric gladiator circus event. Williams has potential to return for possible sequels. Arnett will star as a Union soldier who enlists the help of Hex, but is not fully aware of his unorthodox fighting style. The source states that his role is not “inherently comic.”

Wow, Will Arnett in a comic book movie and not as the comic relief? I’m all for diversity so I’m interested to see him pull this off. I’m not surprised about Shannon’s involvement. He looks like he would fit in with an old, dirty Western. After his Oscar nod, he’s sure to get some more mainstream roles thrown his way, and tons of exposure that will go along with it. Filming for Jonah Hex is due to start this month in Louisiana.

Do you think Will Arnett can pull off a dramatic role? How do you feel about Michael Shannon’s casting?