Just came back from a WB presentation in which they showed us how much money they’ve made and how much money they’re about to make. After an intro from WB President and COO Alan Horn (a surprisingly funny guy) they screened new clips for Terminator (with an introduction by Director McG), The Hangover (with an introduction by Director Todd Phillips), Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, and Sherlock Holmes (with a wonderful introduction by Robert Downey Jr.).

(Side-note: I have to mention that I’m sitting next to /Film, FirstShowing, Collider, LatinoReview, Cinemablend, and a few other online websites who are all in a race to get this information to you the fastest. It looks like we’re reporting about the end of the world, but really we’re just here to tell you that Robert Downey Jr. looks like the only good thing in Sherlock Holmes)

Terminator looks like a big action film and that’s about it. They did feature some new Anton Yelchin scenes and Sam Worthington’s slightly odd accent. Other than that, I think that we can be assured that there will be a lot of cool action, but I’m not sure about what else. Surprisingly there were almost no new scenes with Christian Bale. Perhaps they’ve showed us all they could without spoiling the film. And still no Helenia Bonham Carter! She’s in the film, why can’t we see her?

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, looks amazing. The cast just keeps getting better and better with age. They showed more Voldemort clips as well as the Millennium Bridge in London being destroyed. It seems that dark forces have come to real life and are causing trouble. I can’t wait! Why oh why didn’t they release this in November!

The Hangover looked really amazing. Todd Phillips gave am amazing introduction to the film, in which he announced that he lost many good men to filming in Las Vegas. He said that “two wives actually showed up on set and took their husbands and put them in rehab.” So apparently it was a party on and off the set.

Lastly, Sherlock Holmes. This was the first footage ever shown and although I want to say it was amazing, I’m unsure about this film. If I know anything, it’s that Robert Downey Jr. will most likely come in and save the day, but it’s quite clear that Guy Ritchie was not the man for the job. The overall tone, is like slap-stick comedy mixed with every other Guy Ritchie film, with a boxing ring and all. Even with Robert Downey Jr.’s clever introduction to the film in which he sang “Weird Science,” talked about being sober, and said that for an hour an half after Iron Man‘s opening weekend he had the choice of any film he wanted and picked Sherlock Holmes and when Guy Ritchie told him he was too old he said “well I’m starting tomorrow, if you want to do it, get with it” – I wasn’t sold on the film. I don’t doubt the acting or the material, I just don’t trust Ritchie with this type of film, although I would be more than happy for him to prove me wrong!

Now, I’m off to go see some clips of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and 3-D Disney films! Be back soon!

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