A while ago we published a story about the comic book adaptation of Priest. It’s a popular Manga series that takes place in a world torn between humans and vampires. In the midst of this a warrior Priest turns against the church and goes on a journey to save his kidnapped niece from a band of murderous bloodsuckers. According to THR, Paul Bettany is in final negotiations to star as the lead in the film. Priest will be directed by Scott Charles Stewart who previously worked with Bettany on the upcoming thriller, Legion.

Screen Gems president Clint Culpepper saw an early cut of Bettany’s work in Legion and immediately knew he was the man for the job. He suggested him for the role in Priest and now it’s coming to fruition. Legion is about “a group of misfits and an archangel who try to prevent humanity from being wiped out by angels.” I’m assuming Bettany will star as the archangel in question. Priest will be co-produced by Josh Bratman and Mitchell Peck, with a script written by Cory Goodman. Bettany was last seen in the Brendan Fraser fantasy film, InkHeart and last year’s hit Iron Man as the voice of Jarvis.

I think Paul Bettany is a very talented actor. I may not agree with all of his projects but this one I can take. He seems to a have a knack for portraying corrupted religious figures in movies (The Da Vinci Code). Bettany has been around for a long time and if this film is a success it can give his career an extra boost. He can become a more noticeable actor for both mainstream and independent features.

What do you think of Paul Bettany as “Priest?” Do you think the British actor can pull it off?