The Jennifer Aniston comedy The Baster just got a whole lot better thanks to the addition of two new cast members. I was already on board when I learned that Aniston would star opposite the hilarious Jason Bateman. That guys been doing comedy since he was a kid, so what’s not to love? According to Variety, Watchmen alum Patrick Wilson and “Mr. Welcome to Jurassic Park” Jeff Goldblum have also signed on for roles in the film.

The plot to The Baster surrounds two friends Kassie (Aniston) and Wally (Bateman). Kassie wants to have a child, but prefers to use a sperm donor rather than conceive the old fashioned way. Patrick Wilson will play the “genetically superior” donor that Kassie initially selects, while Jeff Goldblum will star as Wally’s boss. The monkey wrench gets thrown into this scenario when Wally switches out Wilson’s sperm with his own, therefore impregnating his best friend with his child without her knowing!

I’m happy see Goldblum taking a stab at comedy again. His humor’s a bit dry but still funny in my opinion. Is it wrong that in my mind he will always be Dr. Malcolm from Jurassic Park? As for Patrick Wilson, I can see why he was cast in this role. But Wilson is more than what meets the eye. This guy has an extensive theater background and has given some strong performances in previous work. With that being said, I am interested to see him star in a “ha ha” comedy. Whatever you do don’t judge his acting on what you saw in Watchmen. He’s so much better than that.

What do you think about Wilson and Goldblum joining The Baster?