We have all heard about the unfortunate reality that is Dragonball: Evolution, but in an interview IGN had with James Marsters and Justin Chatwin (two stars of the new movie), we may now have to keep avoiding this franchise for a few years. It is their hope that the series will continue on to, maybe, 7 movies! Oh how they dream. It is my hope, however, that no one sees this movie and that after it’s opening (set for April 10) an enraged mob will torch and destroy all traces of this atrocity.

Marsters, who will be playing the green man Piccolo, states:

All I know is I’ve been signed to three movies, but I would like to make five — seven of them. You could just pretty much paint by numbers using the wealth of source material to easily get the seven films. There’s that much there.

I realize how many children like this garbage, but come on! I thought most of this demographic died out in the 90s. We can only hope that Marsters’ disillusioned fantasies of success with this film are ungrounded.

Check out the trailer and see for yourself.

Would you like to see this movie or am I completely right?