youtube_logo1All aboard the YouTube train. Disney/ABC and ESPN have cut a sweet deal with the online video site that is a win-win for all involved. While Disney and ESPN want to reach all corners of the cyber-earth, Google just wants a little more mula out of it’s YouTube. According to Variety:

Disney Media Networks will sell its own advertising inventory on the channels in a revenue-sharing arrangement with YouTube parent Google.

This gives Google more content, that would have been banned otherwise, and they are still making their money with the advertisements. The video’s will average about 5 minutes and will contain links to the respective website. These companies seemed to have realized that there is no point in fighting YouTube, so they joined forces, and together they will become the most unstoppable money-making machine in history.

ESPN will be starting up next month, while Disney/ABC will be making its appearance in April. This could cause complications for me, when I go to watch these old propaganda videos:

and somehow get linked to the new propaganda videos:

What do you think of the new deal?