Say hello to the bad guy. This has been a very productive few weeks for Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood adaptation. We’ve finally nailed down the core cast, which includes actor Russell Crowe, Cate Blanchett and Mark Strong as the main villain. Strong recently spoke to Empire about his character and how he will portray him as a “bit of a bastard.” Find out what else he has to say about his morally challenged alter ego after the jump.

In an interesting twist, Strong was originally cast to star as Guy of Gisborne but nabbed the spot of Robin Hood’s rival Sir Godfrey instead.

“A year ago I was playing the Guy of Gisborne character but the story isn’t the Robin Hood story. Although all the characters are all involved, it’s a different narrative,” he said, confirming rumours that Scott’s movie will deviate from the Robin Hood legend that has previously appeared on our screens.

So there you have it. We will have Robin Hood but not in a traditional sense. When it comes to his character Strong has nothing but bad things to say.

“I play King John’s right-hand man who is a bit of a bastard – there’s lot of horse riding, lots of threatening people with enormous swords.” Which is surely good news for anyone hoping for a villain of Rickman-esque genius.”

He got me when he mentioned Alan Rickman! I’m getting excited to see this now. This cast is turning out to be top notch. Ridley Scott isn’t pulling any punches and I like that. I can’t wait til they release an official poster for the film. That will really give us an idea of what Scott’s vision is for the story.

What do you think of Strong being cast as the villain?