***Update: Check out our new Sam Raimi interview for Drag Me to Hell now***

During an interview with Empire magazine Sam Raimi confirmed that he and his brother have been working on Evil Dead 4. So far they’re only seven pages into the project, but you have got to start somewhere!

Raimi said during the interview:

“Every time I’m with my brother Ivan, we write another page of it. It’s in Detroit and in my garage…There’s some dialogue. Ash being an idiot. Ash taking some abuse. Some character stuff and then some structure of Act Two. Just other possibilities for things that could happen. It’s ideas, jokes, things we’d like to see.”

He also talked about his return to the horror genre:

“We decided we wouldn’t make it if we couldn’t do it the way we wanted to… It’s funny: usually you take that point of view with artistic-type films, but for me horror films can’t be deluded either. They have their own cheesy integrity that needs to be stuck to.”

So it looks like Drag Me To Hell is not just a one off thing, but like Raimi’s return to his film roots (but this time with a hell of a lot more money to play with). Hopefully having a bigger budget won’t effect his films. One of the greatest things about the Evil Dead series is it’s creativity and lack of big budget action. I personally love a good horror film that relies on more than just grotesque scenes and loud noises. Raimi knows how to make a good, funny horror film. So now, let’s give him some space and let him get to it!

Let’s just hope he doesn’t forget one of the best things about the series, Bruce Campbell. It just wouldn’t be right to hear those lines without his amazing deliveries.

Are you excited for Evil Dead 4?